You Can’t Get More Convenient Than Oakmont in Gainesville

If you’re moving to north central Florida and the Gainesville metro area, you’ll headed somewhere a lot of people are these days.

The historic small city, which also is the University of Florida’s hometown, is bustling thanks to UF’s own expansion, new businesses and industries, research centers and nationally renowned hospitals and healthcare. A major interstate zooming right past it — I-75 — doesn’t hurt either!

North central Florida also is a beautiful place with its live-oak forests, freshwater springs and lakes, gentle hills and proximity to beaches on both Florida coasts.

So if you’re headed this way, be sure to visit […]

New Elementary School Coming Near Oakmont

An 18-acre Oakmont property owned by the Alachua County School Board was chosen as the site of a new elementary school on Tuesday, December 4th. This site sits adjacent to Oakmont and was approved to be the new site of the Gainesville school in a unanimous 5-0 vote.

Diversity among students is a priority in this new Gainesville school.

Money for school construction will come from a new half-cent sales tax that was approved by Alachua County voters in November. The new tax is expected to generate $22 million per year over the next 12 years to support school infrastructure projects.

You can read […]

Hardly a Swamp: Take Advantage of Oakmont’s Location

You’re moving to north central Florida and you’ve got your sights set on the city of Gainesville.

It’s hardly “the swamp,” as some of your misinformed friends and family members may call it. But you can tell them the real thing’s only a short drive away!

We’ll explain in a moment.

For now, know that Gainesville is a cool place. It’s loaded with history, culture, a big arts scene and two state-supported institutions of higher learning — Santa Fe College and the University of Florida. Businesses, student enrollments and research centers are multiplying here, and so are the number of new Gainesville […]

How to Enjoy Florida Living Without the Cliches

We could go on quite a while about all the jokes about what it’s like to live in the Sunshine State. Some are truly funny, some a bit too close to home, and a few are just inaccurate.

But, we’re not spinning a comedy routine. Instead, we want you to focus on our master-planned community in Gainesville that provides you with plenty of rebuttal material for those friends or family members who poke fun at your impending Florida move.

If Gainesville is your destination, whether for work, retirement or family reasons, it’s a good choice. It’s centrally located with access to […]